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Offshore Dedicated Servers with 100% DDoS Protection

DMCA Ignored Servers provide high performance and locked protection for any website or application. Upgrade to a package and save on services such as backup and DDoS protection. Dual processor packages are available upon request

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Offshore Servers, Reliable Performance, and 100% Uptime Guaranteed

aOffshoreHosting offers DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers hosted all over the world. Our Offshore Servers, which are based on first-class server hardware such as Supermicro, Dell, HP, Intel, are available in the following locations: The Netherlands, Israel, Russia, U.S.A. Order a Offshore Dedicated Server from us and receive a free set of the following additional options: hardware monitoring and bandwidth usage analysis tools; easy way to control server operation mode using IPMI

Major Features
  • We only use high quality, energy efficient hardware
  • We cool our data center by direct free air cooling
Extra RocketBooster
  • Cheap cPanel License
  • TUN/TAP Interface
  • Multi-level DDoS Protection

Prevents Leakage of Originating IPs - Fully Hidden

A very common benefit of using a DDoS protected Unmetered Dedicated Server is that you can run games that use the visitor's IP address to control player access. This is not available when using a remote security solution because all traffic going through the remote proxy server will receive the proxy IP address, thus disabling the IP address that will appear on your back-end server. DDoS protection is included as standard and it's free. In addition, we have firewalls, rDNS settings and pre-configured public services and secret ports that must be protected

Exclusive Features
  • We use 100% renewable energy for our entire operations
  • Redundant Generator Power
  • Interminable Support
  • Advanced DDOS Protection
This is what we deliver
  • High Performance Intel / AMD Processors
  • DDR4 ECC Registered RAM
  • Hardware Raid Available
  • 1Gbps Full Duplex

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Our Expert team is alert on phone and chat, Ready to provide Best Support day or night, to assist with any questions or issues that you may have

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